How to View Websites Visited with History Erased

By Rochelle Connery

Whether you're trying to find a website you visited last week or are checking up on activity by someone using your computer, you can find a list of websites your computer has visited even if the browser history has been erased. This can reveal the home domain of sites visited and give you an idea of where the user has been while using your computer.

Step 1

Go to the Start menu in the bottom left corner of your computer screen and select the Control Panel.

Step 2

Double-click the Internet Options icon; this will open a new dialog box. It will open under the General tab by default.You can also perform this action by opening your Internet Explorer browser and selecting Tools, Internet Options from the menu.

Step 3

Locate the Browsing History category under the General tab and click Settings. A new dialog box will appear; choose View Files.

Step 4

Sift through the list of cookies and image objects this command brings up in the Temporary Internet Files window. The cookies have web addresses attached to them, which is basically the way a website leaves a calling card on your computer. The cookie should read something like "Cookie:[user]" The domain that comes after the @ sign is the website the user spent time on.

Step 5

Choose whether you'd like to delete the cookies and other temporary Internet files or keep them. If you'd like to delete them, close out of the Temporary Internet Files window and select the Delete command from the Browsing History section. You can choose to delete cookies, passwords, entered search data and more. You can select Delete All to remove all Internet files in one sweep.Consider if you or any other user will ever need those passwords again before you delete them, as some users don't have their passwords backed up to any other location and rely on their browser to save them.