What Are the Benefits of Using MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a program that allows an user to create spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel was first created in 1993 and was instantly popular because it was the only program that allowed users to easily create spreadsheets with the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Excel program is still sold and updated frequently; the latest version of Microsoft Excel was released April 8, 2009.

Excel can create organized data tables.


Microsoft Excel is a useful tool for creating calendars. The spreadsheets can be filled with useful information, such as personal or professional events. The top of the spreadsheet can be filled with the days of the week and the side of the spreadsheet can be filled with times.

Graph Charts

The Excel spreadsheet can be made into a graph that analyzes important information, such as profits, demand curve and mathematical calculations, especially involving calculus. Excel is a very popular tool for both large and small businesses because it can be used to accurately represent whatever values necessary--sales, profit margins, losses, refunds, etc.--in an easy-to-read format.

Managing Finances

The spreadsheet can be used to help you manage your finances. You can input all of your expenses in one spreadsheet and even sort them with different categories. For example, in the places where the days of the week would go on a calendar spreadsheet, you could put "Food," "Insurance," "Bills," and "Taxes." Then, in the side rows where the times would go, you can input the months of the year or the weeks in the month. And finally, you would input the exact amount of money spent in the time period determined by the rows on left side into the actual spreadsheet boxes. This feature is convenient for any budget-minded household.

Business Use

The spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel are widely used by businesses as templates with formulas used to accurately calculate business expenses. For example, companies use spreadsheets filled with formulas to calculate taxes, billing, employee wages and other expenses. Also, spreadsheets are given to employees in many companies so that they can calculate all of their personal expenses and turn them in for reimbursement. Excel allows you to make these basic mathematical operations by plugging in different signs into the formula sections (e.g. +,=,-,x). Also, businesses use spreadsheets to manage working hours for employees.