What Are the TDS Outgoing Mail Settings?

An Internet service provider (ISP) that serves rural and suburban communities, TDS also provides telephone service and cable television programming. When subscribing to TDS’s Internet service, you also receive your own email account that lets you send and receive email messages. Like other email services, you must enter incoming and outgoing mail settings within a standalone email application to send and receive emails.

Before accessing your TDS emails, you must set up your email account.

Outgoing Mail Setting

TDS’s outgoing mail server name is “smtp.gmail.com” and the “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” server port number is “465.” The outgoing server requires your TDS username and password for access and authentication. TDS’s email service is based on Google’s Gmail and uses Google’s servers for email transmission. Failure to enter the outgoing mail server name will result in an error when sending email messages. Failure to enable “Outgoing server requires authentication” when setting up your TDS account will also cause an error when sending emails.

Incoming Mail Setting

The ISP’s incoming mail setting is “pop.gmail.com” and the “Incoming mail (POP3)” server port number is “995.” The incoming mail server type is “POP3.” Before setting up the incoming and outgoing mail servers within a standalone email application, you need to navigate your computer’s Internet browser to the TDS website (tds.net) and click “Settings,” then “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” to start the email setting up process. Accept Google's “Terms of Service” agreement, then click the circle next to “Enable “POP” to set TDS’s mail protocol. Click “Save Changes” to accept the protocol change.

Email Applications

Once you have the TDS mail protocol set, you need to set up the email service within an email application. TDS’s email service works with a variety of email applications including Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Apple Mail. Setting up TDS email within a standalone email application is done via the “Accounts,” “New Email Account” or similar wording. Click “Add,” then follow the new email account wizard’s onscreen prompts to enter your TDS email address, your TDS username and password, then the incoming and outgoing mail server information from the “Incoming Mail Setting” and “Outgoing Mail Setting” sections.

Server Post Settings

To complete the new email account wizard setup, you must click the “Advanced,” “Port Setting” or similar tab or option and enter the outgoing and incoming “Server Port Numbers” — also found in the “Incoming Mail Setting” and “Outgoing Mail Setting” sections of this article. Make sure to click the check box next to “This server requires a secure connection (SSL) before clicking “Finish."” Your TDS email account is now set up within your system’s standalone email application.