What Can I Store on a 16GB iPad?

Apple's iPad tablet computer, which had its inaugural release in March 2010, and the iPad 2, released in March 2011, offer a platform for a variety of digital media, including applications, music, images, videos and electronic books. Whether you're using the high-capacity 64GB iPad 2 or the smaller 16GB model, there is plenty of room for storing these items and more.

Apple's iPad 2 was released in March 2011.


A number of applications are preinstalled on the iPad 2 when it comes out of the box, but there's plenty of room on the 16GB hard drive for you to add more. Through its online Apps Store, Apple offers a wide range of applications for download, including games, productivity, utilities and news applications. Many of them are free, others must be purchased.

Digital Photographs

You can take and store photographs and video on the iPad using its built-in digital cameras. The iPad's front-facing camera uses video graphics array (VGA) technology and acts like a Web cam, providing video-conferencing functionality. The rear-facing camera is used like a traditional digital camera. Photographs are stored on the iPad's hard drive. You can use image-editing software to edit the photos on the iPad. The camera also shoots high-definition video, which also can be stored and edited directly on the iPad.


You can read books and periodicals on the iPad using iBooks, the device's ebook-reading application. This preinstalled application allows users to browse, purchase and download ebooks, newspapers and magazines from Apple's iBookstore. There's plenty of space to store ebooks and periodicals on a 16GB iPad.


Each iPad 2 comes equipped with the iTunes music application. The iTunes Store offers a wide range of musical and audio selections and podcasts that can be stored and played back on the 16GB iPad.