What Does "Red Screen of Death" Mean?

By C.A. Rubino

The red screen of death, also known as the red screen of doom or simply the RSoD, is a computer error message indicating a serious problem has occurred. It is typically more severe than its better known cousin, the blue screen of death.


The red screen of death can be caused by a wide variety of errors which are generally considered more serious than other errors, such as the blue screen of death. It can indicate a serious hardware failure or vital system file corruption.


The red screen of death appears in Windows Vista to indicate boot load errors. It can also appear rarely on the Sony Playstation series of consoles, including the handheld Playstation portable, which direct the user to contact technical support.


Correcting the problem varies from system to system as the red screen of death can stem from numerous problems depending on the system it appears on. The best advice is to contact the relevant technical support to correct the problem.