What Does TBD Mean on Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online, local, classified listing, where anyone can post or find a wide range of items for sale, open job listings, apartments for rent; homes and cars for sale; services available; local meet ups for specific interest groups – even romance can be found here. Postings are traditionally free and unlimited in length -- abbreviations are common. The abbreviation TBD on Craigslist means “To Be Determined."

Reasons to Use TBD on Craigslist

Since Craigslist is an online classified service, there is a wide range of people who might list TBD instead of an exact dollar amount, date or decision. TBD might be used to describe whether a landlord will accept pets in a rental. Perhaps the owner wants to see how big, noisy or destructive the pet is before allowing a tenant in. A job’s salary could be TBD, depending on how experienced the pool of applicants is. An item could be put up for sale with a TBD price tag, in case the seller wants to find out how much interest there is in something before he sets a price. An organizer could set up a meeting or gathering on Craigslist, such as a walking club or special interest group with a date and time TBD; thus allowing for the interested parties to come up with the best day for everyone to obtain the highest attendance.