What Happens If You Reset Your iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone is a technological powerhouse with the ability to play games, music and movies. With an iPhone you can throw away your personal planner, address book, Post-it Notes and task lists. The iPhone store has an app for all of that and more. Your information is store in the memory of your iPhone. By performing frequent syncs and backups, you prevent accidental information loss. In the event you have to reset your iPhone, your backups allow you the comfort of regaining your information on your iPhone.

ITunes Sync And Backup

Syncing and backing up your iPhone is an excellent way to make sure your information is protected. This process doesn’t take long and saves all the information on your iPhone to your computer. This is particularly important if something happens to your iPhone that makes it necessary to reset or restore it back to factory conditions.

Factory Restore

The factory restore function resets your iPhone back to the condition it was in when you purchased it. It erases all applications, photos, files and music from your iPhone so the only information that is on it are the stock applications that Apple distributed with the device. This process resets your iPhone and allows you to start from scratch. From this point, you can choose to start over or you can install your newest backup to regain your information on your iPhone.

How to Factory Restore

Open iTunes on your computer. Plug your iPhone into your computer using the USB cord that came with it. Click on your iPhone in the left column. It is located under the “Devices” header. On the “Summary” tab there is a “Restore” button. Click this button to begin the factory restore process to reset your iPhone.

Install Backups

After your factory restore you iPhone, you will notice that all your information was erased. From this point, you are given the option or installing a backup to your iPhone. This restores your information, applications, settings, files, music and movies back to your iPhone. Just choose your backup from the drop-down list. Click on the “Continue” button. ITunes installs the backup file to your iPhone. Once the process is complete, all your files should be on your iPhone.