What Is a Handle on Craigslist?

By Kristal Smith

Craigslist is a popular online classifieds website. Users worldwide browse the classifieds, reply to ads, post personals, chat on forums and create ads of their own. To begin using Craigslist, a user creates a Craigslist account. To use the discussion forums and community boards, users create unique handles that uniquely identify them on the site.

Handle Definition

A handle, also called a screen name or user name, is an alias a person uses for various programs or websites on the Internet. For example, your email address contains a handle at the beginning of it, such as "MarkSmith5709" or "BakingMommy."


The function of a user name is to give Internet users individual identification. When a user posts on a forum or says something in a chat room other users may recognize that person based on his handle name.

Craigslist Handles

On Craigslist, your handle is commonly used on the community board and discussion forum. A handle is not required when signing up for a Craigslist account until you begin using parts of the site where a handle is needed.