What Is a Tablet Computer?

A tablet computer is a compact, lightweight convertible computer. It can be swiveled to function like a flat LCD screen or laid flat on any surface to function like a slate. Most tablet computers nowadays have the near full-featured capabilities of a desktop PC. A tablet computer has widespread applications and is used by healthcare center technicians, sales professionals, real estate agents, academicians, frequent travelers and other mobile workers.

Portability Characteristics

The lightweight, extremely compact form factor of a tablet computer has seen a rise in its acceptance and usage. A tablet PC in most cases is even lighter than portable notebooks and can be easily lugged around from place to place.

Flexible Work Settings

Due to the convertible nature of a tablet computer, it is easy to enable flexible work settings and impromptu operational environments virtually anywhere.

Industry Applications

A tablet computer is used by mobile workers, sales professionals, healthcare industry technicians, roving consultants, academicians and media professionals to streamline work, create and showcase compelling presentations, and conduct meetings.

Personalized Input

The digital pen or the stylus-like gadget of a tablet computer facilitates a person’s handwriting to be used as input. This method allows better personalization than is possible with a touchpad or a mouse.

Latest Improvements

New-generation tablet computers have enhanced functionalities, third-party tools, applications and software, low-heat processor, handwriting recognition capabilities, and longer battery life, leading to their rising usage and popularity.