What Is Photoshop Used For?

In 1987, Thomas and John Kroll collaborated on using a computer code written by Thomas to program computers to process digital files. In 1988, after several changes and upgrades, the brothers presented the application to Adobe, which bought the licensing for it. Today the world knows the application as Photoshop.


You can use Photoshop to create, move, duplicate, edit and manipulate images for Internet, print, and other forms of media.


The University of Washington School of Technology estimates that nearly every poster, book cover, magazine and brochure has been manipulated with Photoshop. The program is so well known that people often use the terms “photoshopped” or “shopped” to refer to an edited photo.


Adobe offers Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended for use by print, cross-media, interactive and web designers, photographers and video professionals, as of 2010. Photographers may also use Photoshop Lightroom as a digital darkroom.

As a consumer interested in photo and video editing and movie making, use one of the Photoshop Elements programs for Mac or Windows. Photoshop.com also offers a free account that allows you to use limited features to edit and organize personal photos. From there you can add photos to Facebook, Flikr, Picasa or Photobucket.