What Is Processor Speed?

The most often asked question when trying to ascertain the power of a computer is "how fast is the processor?". Though a lot of people don't truly know what it means they do know a higher number a processor has the better.


Clock speeds have increased dramatically over the years giving rise to processors clocked as high as 3.2 GHz from the manufacturer.


Though not all inclusive to knowing your computer is fast, having a higher clock speed rating on your processor is a good starting point for determining a computer's maximum speed.


The clock speed is the number of instructions a processor can execute in one second. Thus a 3.2 GHz processor can execute 3.2 billion instructions per second.


There are as many types of processors as their are uses for them however the leading suppliers of consumer level processor chips is Intel and AMD.


Processor clock speed should never be taken as the only specification that matters when judging a computer's power. The supporting components such as RAM speed, Front Side Bus speed, and memory sizes should be taken into account amongst other things.