What Is Query in MS Access?

Microsoft Access is a personal database product. When you have built a database and filled it with data elements, the query function enables you to ask questions of the content of the database. Queries also modify the database when requested.

Access Queries

A query is a question or action that is requested from, or to the database. An Access query responds to questions about the contents of the database. Queries are also formed to add data to or modify the structure of the database.

Query By Example

Access is a visual database product, and it includes a visual query function. QBE enables you to form a query by typing examples of what you would like to see in the result. The query processor forms a properly formatted SQL statement from the example and runs it.

Structured Query Language

The Access database contains a full SQL processor. SQL queries are structured statements that ask very specific questions of the database, or modify its structure in some way. Access can also process SQL queries from outside of the software.