What Is Salesforce CRM?

SalesForce CRM is an online web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) service from Salesforce.com. As with all CRM software, it captures and organizes communications and information from current or prospective customers from many departments across a company.


Successful installations report lower costs to attract and retain customers, increased employee productivity, a more efficient call center, more accurate sales forecasting and increased customer sales and satisfaction.


Software must initially be well integrated to be successful, and the complexity of CRMs often requires ongoing technical support. Data can quickly become obsolete if employees do not use the system correctly.


Salesforce.com was founded in 1999 by a former Oracle executive and has grown to now supporting more than 1 million subscribers.


SalesForce CRM is gaining customers faster than its competitors and is currently the CRM leader, but it is expected to face stiff competition from Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.


CRM software of any sort is not a magic cure for poor customer relations or inadequate sales follow-up. CRM software must be supported by an overall corporate strategy to improve customer communications and relationships.