What Is the Difference Between the iPad & the Galaxy Tab?

In 2010, Apple debuted the iPad tablet PC. In just 28 days, the company proclaimed that 1 million devices had been sold. As the iPad gained momentum, competitors emerged including Samsung's Galaxy Tab. A June 2011 article in InfoWord referred to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the first to give the iPad a "real run for its money." The race between the iPad and the Galaxy Tab may be a close one, but there are differences between the two tablets to help consumers choose.

Apple introduced the iPad 2 just a year after launching the first one.

Design and Display

The iPad and Galaxy Tab are comparable in size and weight with the Galaxy Tab offering a slightly larger screen and a lighter tablet than the iPad. The Galaxy Tab also features a widescreen display with a higher resolution than that of the iPad. However, the iPad offers users more selection with a Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G model and 16, 32 and 64GB options. The Galaxy Tab is available in 16 and 32GB models with Wi-Fi only.


Finding and downloading a wide variety of applications from games to calorie trackers is a major advantage of owning a tablet. IPad users locate applications through the Apple App Store whereas Galaxy Tab users have access to apps through the Android Market. The App Store has thousands more applications than the Android Market. Apple maintains greater control over its App Store, allowing only approved applications. The Android Market has more flexibility so users may find a greater range of applications, but with a more open development policy, users run the risk of downloading apps that contain viruses or other malware.

Cameras and Video

Both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab feature two cameras -- one in the front and one in the back. In both cases, users can use the dual cameras for video chats. The Galaxy Tab's two cameras are more powerful than iPad's offerings and can record and playback video at a faster rate. The Galaxy Tab also has an advantage in that it can play back Adobe Flash videos.

Operating System

The iPad is powered by Apple's iOS operating system while the Galaxy Tab uses the Android Honeycomb operating system from Google. The individual operating systems influence the features and applications of each tablet. The iPad is equipped with the Safari Web browser, iTunes, iBooks and Apple's Game Center to name a few. The Galaxy Tab comes with Google search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and other Google offerings.