What Makes Lines Run Through the Screen on a Plasma TV?

By Charles Watson

Plasma televisions offer a sharp, high definition picture and superior sound. Over time, extended use or hardware malfunctions can cause plasma televisions to develop problems such as pixelation, picture degradation and even lines to appear on the screen.

Dead Drivers

Black lines appearing on the screen is a serious issue on plasma televisions and often when this happens, users must replace the television screen. This problem occurs due to faulty drivers in the unit. Theese drivers control the electrical connections sent to the gas in your screen. Usually the cost of replacing the screen will exceed the original cost of the unit.

Faulty Buffer Boards

Buffer boards act as mini storage areas for the plasma's electronic signals. As the television receives the cable or satellite signal it stores the images in these buffer boards. Buffer boards can have a high failure rate due to faulty electrical design.


Plasma televisions produce a lot of heat while in use. If your unit does not contain a cooling system the components in your television can overheat, causing lines in your picture. The life span of plasma televisions that do not contain a cooling system may be reduced to three to six years.

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