What Phones Are Compatible With Metro Flash?

By Beverly Shearer

MetroFLASH is a wireless service from MetroPCS that can work on many brands of mobile phones. The service allows you to keep your current phone after the service is activated. There are no contracts, but you do have to visit a store for activation. The MetroFLASH service does require a CDMA phone and the wireless service is voice and text only.


Many Samsung phones are compatible with MetroFLASH. Some of the more popular models that work with the service are: Juke, Jetset, Muse, Flipshot, Rant, Instinct, Drift, My Shot, and Two Step.


LG phones also work with MetroFLASH. A few of the models that are compatible include: Chocolate, Mogul, Touch Pro, Rumor, EnV, EnV2, Decoy, Venus, Versa, and Dare.


Compatible Kyocera phones include: SoHo, Energi, Phantom, Strobe, G'zOne, Rave, and Blade. Kyocera also offers versions of the Touch Pro series and the Mogul line.

Other Manufacturers

Other manufacturers also offer compatible phones. These companies include Motorola, AudioVox, Sanyo, Casio and Pantech.

Find Your Phone

You can visit the MetroPCS website (click on the link in the Resource section) to find out if your phone is compatible. You simply look on your phone's battery for the model number, and then select the brand list on the right side of the web page. A pop-up box appears with a list of model numbers. You can also enter your zip code to find a MetroFLASH dealer near you.

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