Where Can I Rent a Projector?

Even in today's era of big TVs, nothing beats the sheer size of the image that a projector can cast on a screen. Many people don't have the space or inclination to make the necessary changes to their living space in order to accommodate a projector. Renting a projector for that special occasion makes much more sense, since it can be set up and used and then taken down and returned. Here's what you need to know in order to properly rent and use a projector that is going to be returned afterwards.

Where Can I Rent a Projector?

Finding the Projector

Renting a projector can be done by looking through Yellow Pages or online in your area. Some electronic outlets will rent projectors, but mostly you will find that professional video companies are the most likely source. They too can be found by looking through Yellow Pages or online in your area. Search for "Rent Projector" using Google or the Yahoo search engines.

Renting a Projector Locally

The advantage of renting a projector locally is that you can go and see the projector and make sure visually that it will do what you want it to do-- if not, another projector at the location might be the one to rent. Since you will be responsible for the projector once you take it, you will be able to ensure that it is transported safely because you are doing it yourself.

Renting a Projector Out of State

Renting a projector for out of state can result in significant savings if the rental is to be for a few days (and there might not be tax added to the rental cost). There might also be a wider selection of projectors to choose from. On the negative side, there will most likely be a shipping fee and you will have to handle unpacking the projector and packing it back up afterwards and getting it to the proper shipper for going back.

There is also the chance of the projector arriving off schedule so it's sensible to have it arrive a day ahead of when you will need it --which will add a day to the overall charge.

Making Space for a Projector

A rental projector is going to most likely be seated on a table or other such surface in the room that it is to be used in. There needs to be room between the table/projector and the other side of the room where the image will be projected on. This will usually be a wall, but if it is not an off-white or neutral color, the image will not look normal. This will necessitate renting a screen that can be placed against the wall instead (or the use of a sheet if there is no other choice).


It is necessary to rent a projector with a "short throw" lens unless the table/projector can be raised up as high as the middle of the screen that the image is to be projected on.

The projector should have a zoom lens to compensate for having to move the table/projector back in order to enlarge the image.

Expert Insight

There is always the chance that the projection bulb might burn out during the use of the projector. It is a wise move to have a new bulb as a spare just in case so that it can be swapped out for the burned-out bulb. This should be included in the rental agreement as otherwise there might be a charge for the new bulb if it is used (and bulbs can be extremely costly).


Be sure that the projector comes in a protective case so that it can be transported safely, and it's a smart move to try it out before taking on the rental so that you know it is in good working order.