Where Do I Find My Adobe Acrobat Serial Number Cache?

If your Adobe Acrobat serial number is invalid or expired, your access to Acrobat’s options and processes will immediately become unavailable. The menu options become disabled and you will no longer have access to any of the software’s options. If you have a valid serial number, however, you can quickly update the software licensing without uninstalling and reinstalling the Adobe Acrobat software.


The Adobe Acrobat cache file is a .db file that is located in the Program Files by default. If you allowed the software to install at its default location, the Acrobat serial number cache can be found at under Adobe’s common files in the Program File location at Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat\cache.


If you have made changes to the Adobe Acrobat file or did not install the file in the default location during installation, you will need to search for the file’s exact location. Go directly to the file in the C drive if you remember where you choose to store the software. Use your system’s search options to locate the Acrobat cache, or locate the file through the C drive and start your search in the Program Files folder. Look for the Adobe Acrobat subfolder titled Cache. This folder contains the product’s serial number.


If you want to remove the serial number so Acrobat prompts you to enter a new serial number, simply delete the cache file from the system. To do so, make sure the Adobe Acrobat software is closed. Right-click on the cache file and select the “Delete” option. Confirm you selection by clicking “OK” to confirm your choice to delete the file. Close the folder location and reopen the Acrobat software. Acrobat will request that you enter your product’s serial number. Be sure to enter all letters with any applicable dashes.


If you re-enter your serial number and encounter a licensing error, it may be possible that your serial number is no longer valid or does not apply to the actual version of your Adobe Acrobat software. If you attempt to enter the accurate serial number with no success, uninstall and reinstall the Adobe Acrobat software and then re-enter your serial number. If you continue to encounter difficulties, contact Adobe’s customer service for assistance.