Where Do I Find Stored Usernames & Passwords?

A web browser saves usernames and passwords when the user visits a website. They are automatically entered when the user visits the site again, so the user doesn't have to remember all of her different passwords.

Accessing Your Usernames and Passwords

Although a web browser saves usernames and passwords, a user can access this information if he wants to know a specific password or access a site on a different computer. Different web browsers store username and password information in different places.

Accessing Usernames and Passwords in Firefox

To view usernames and passwords in Firefox go to "Tools," "Options," then "Security." Click on "Saved Passwords." Click on the "Show Passwords" button to show all usernames and passwords.

Accessing Usernames and Passwords in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer saves usernames and passwords in the registry of the computer. View them with a special program, such as Protected Storage Explorer, IE PassView, or Atomic IE Password Recovery (see Resources).