Where to Download Music Videos

For decades, music fans have been purchasing music to listen to in their own home. It’s a luxury to play a song anytime you feel like listening to it. For fans of music videos, you don’t have to worry about keeping the television on for hours at a time just to catch your favorite music video. Through the Internet, there are many different places where fans can legally download or purchase their favorite music videos to listen to whenever they want.

Official Websites and Fan Clubs

Check with the official website of the band or artist for music video downloads. While some more established bands may not offer free downloads (because they want their fans to purchase the video), many do to promote the new single and the music video itself. Some bands and artists that have established fan clubs even offer downloads and sneak peaks of new videos available exclusively to fan club members.


Check iTunes, it's not just for music downloads anymore. iTunes has partnered up with many artists and labels to offer music video downloads to iTunes customers. These downloads are special because they can be uploaded right onto an iPod or MP3 player (if they are capable of video playback). Music videos through iTunes generally run $1 to $2 per video. The music videos are in high quality and can be played on a computer or on an MP3 player. To download music videos through iTunes, open iTunes, go to the iTunes store and select “music videos” on the left hand side of the store menu. From there, you can search through top videos or by genre/artist.

Watch Videos Without Downloading Them

If you’re just looking to watch the music video and not download it, there are several other options available. If official websites don’t have a download link, they probably have a link for fans to stream the video from their website. Music television channels such as MTV, VH1, CMT, GAC and BET offer music video streaming directly from their websites. Many times, artists, bands and labels have official Youtube pages where they upload their latest videos.


Beware of illegal downloading. Fansites other than the official website that offer songs and music videos are most likely practicing illegal downloading. Downloading music videos from these sources is against the law. Searching and downloading music videos through search engines, torrents or music sharing networks is also against the law. Other than breaking the law, downloading files from unknown sources can also expose your computer to hacking or viruses.