Where to Sell an Old Cell Phone

Instead of throwing that old cell phone in the garbage, or stuffing it into a drawer only for it to be forgotten, why not use it to make a little extra money? There are many places to go online and offline in order to sell your old cell phone.


As the premier online marketplace, eBay offers users the ability to sell their products. There are thousands of people looking for deals on cell phones. Simply create a free eBay account, and list your item. It can be sold directly via the “Buy It Now” feature, or it can be won traditionally via the auction method. Keep in mind that eBay will keep a small percentage of the profit from the transaction.

There are also several reputable websites that offer to buy old cell phones. The most notable is Cell For Cash. On their website, select the phone manufacturer and model. Within seconds you will see what Cell For Cash will pay for that model. Just submit your information, and send the phone to the address provided. You will be paid when they receive the phone. Cell For Cash then remarkets the phone in Latin America, due to its upcoming mobile industry.

Another website that buys cell phones is Gazelle. Similar to Cell for Cash, just select the model of the phone, answer a few basic questions about its condition, and they will tell you what they are willing to pay for the phone.

Finally, iBuyPhones is a great, no-hassle way to sell your phone online. Dimply select the model to see what they are willing to pay. If the offer is acceptable, fill out the contact form and they will send everything you need to ship your phone. You do not have to worry about shipping costs or packaging.


In some cases, you may be able to trade your old cell phone in order to get a lower price for your new phone from your provider. The cell phone companies can then sell your old phone to new customers as “refurbished.”

Most pawn shops will purchase used cell phones, so long as it is in good working order. You will be able to get more money if you include any accessories, cables, chargers, etc. with the phone.


Before selling your old cell phone, be sure to erase all personal information from the device. Call your cell phone provider to be sure the phone is no longer attached to your account, erase all data on any included memory cards, remove the SIM card, and delete any photos, contact numbers, text messages and other miscellaneous items from the phone.

Be sure to thoroughly read all user agreements and terms of service; know who will be responsible for shipping and other fees.