Why Does a Laptop Screen Flicker?

Laptop owners know that one of their most common computer problems is a flickering screen. Although laptop screens are delicate and prone to malfunction, they also are easy to repair.

A common problem with laptops is flickering screens.


Most likely your laptop screen is flickering because of a problem with the inverter. Inverters supply the power that lights your screen. An inverter is simple to replace and costs approximately $100.

Replacing the Screen

If you replace the inverter and the problem continues, you could have a problem with the screen itself. In this case, you might want to replace the screen entirely. Because laptop screens are pricey, consider purchasing a used screen instead of one from the laptop manufacturer. It also might be cost-effective to simply replace the entire computer.

Additional Problems

If your laptop screen eventually turns a solid white, there might be a misconnection between the system board and the monitor. You can see whether the cables are set right by opening up the computer.