Why Is My Laptop Running Slow?

The day-to-day performance of a laptop computer is tied to a number of different factors. If any of these factors become a problem area, the computer may slow down to the point where action must be taken.

Several factors can lead to slower laptop performance.


A laptop's hardware often determines how well the machine runs. If you are using an older computer, it may not be compatible with more modern applications or Web sites. Older video cards, for example, cannot run applications from newer technologies that power online videos, making the computer run slowly for as long as the video is playing.


Modern laptop computers are built with the ability to efficiently handle a few tasks at once. If you have too many programs running at the same time, the computer's resources end up being spread too thin. Closing down unused programs will free up resources and have the machine running faster.


Computer viruses can have damaging effects on a laptop. The more severe the virus, the slower the laptop will perform. Spyware and malware applications will also result in a bogged-down system. Using virus eradication software, either yourself or through a computer repair shop, is the only way to ensure these problems will be solved.