Why Isn't My Phone Receiving Pictures?

By Candice Coleman

If you are unable to receive text or picture messages, your problem could be because of your account's setup or a technical failure with your phone. You may also be using a phone that is not designed to send text messages or picture messages.

Cell-Phone Considerations

Contact your cell-phone provider and make sure that your type of cell phone is able to send and receive picture, text or video messages. You can also visit the phone manufacturer's website, look at its phone offerings and see if your phone is able to send and receive picture messages.

Cell-Phone Carriers

Most major cell-phone companies enable you to send picture and text messages to and receive them from most other cell-phone providers. Contact your cell-phone provider to see if the sender's cell-phone provider is able to send messages through your provider.

Send Picture Messages to Receive Picture Messages

For some cell-phone providers, such as T-Mobile, you must send a picture message before you are able to receive a picture message.