Sky Viper v950STR Video Streaming Droneby Skyrocket Toys

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  • The Sky Viper Video Streaming drone has a removable camera to lighten the drone for better maneuverability and longer battery life.
  • The video camera streams directly to an Android or iOS smartphone.
  • One button provides simple panoramas, and another button initiates stunts like barrel rolls and flips.


  • Streaming First Person View has a slight lag, so you're not seeing real time.
  • There's no microSD card on the drone; you record video and stills with the app.
  • The video is recorded as an .MOV file, which is great for iPhone but not compatible with native Android, so you need another app to view.
The Sky Viper v950STR Video Streaming Drone from Skyrocket Toys sends video to an app on Android or iPhone smart devices. The streaming drone's capabilities are not well documented. There’s no microSD card; instead, the app records your video. The video displays soft images and low detail, and it comes down with a noticeable lag that rules out critical drone maneuvering. The manufacturer says the camera can be used independently when it is removed, but no instructions for doing so are provided. When the camera is removed, the drone is more agile, and you can use the one-button stunt control to do barrel rolls and flips. The controller has a removable bracket to attach your phone.
Name Sky Viper v950STR Video Streaming Drone Phantom 3 Discovery U818A-1 AR.Drone 2.0 Bebop Drone
Manufacturer Skyrocket Toys DJI UDIR/C Parrot Parrot
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List Price $100 $500 $69 $300 $500

skyviper seems like a fun 'toy' brand, i have their nano quad too, but for streaming video look elsewhere.

skyviper seems like a fun 'toy' brand, i have their nano quad too, but for streaming video look elsewhere.

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Positive Reviews
Tons of fun drone
Really cool toy. I'm 55 never had anything like this before. My wife got it for me at Christmas . Had to get it out of the trees twice now. It doesn't seem to just lift off when you want it to... From start,following the directions it don't just lift up. I've had to : turn off remote, unplug the red and black wires.... Replug up, re turn on remote and attempt a lift off.sometimes 2or3times. When all of a sudden you see the green lites flash real fast, get ready for some fun!! With no camera it runs 15-20 minutes . Start doing stunts and it's less. But it's easy to make it do neat stunts. You do need practice controlling it. Go too fast and she doesn't like to stop until it hits something. Takes a good 1/2 hr to recharge. Sometimes it gets a mind of its own so best advised learn how to control it at a low altitude!! If you want to see how high it can go, say good by......unless maybe your at a football stadium. Tons of fun. Like a little kid I'm mad when the wind is blowing and I can't play with it!!
Negative Reviews
Horrible signal range
Loses connection between transmitter and drone within 30-40 feet which causes the drone to fly away uncontrollably until it falls to the ground.

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