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Summer has officially begun! For most parts of the country, the temperatures are already sweltering. Unfortunately, it's only going to get hotter. Whether you have access to a pool or a beach, taking a dip is definitely a great way to cool off and not completely hate life during the summer heat.

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If you're planning on heading to the beach, and, you know, actually getting up from the comfort of your beach chair for a swim, you'll probably want to make sure the water is clean. Because there's nothing refreshing about swimming in dangerously dirty water.

Swim Guide is an app that updates you on the weather and water quality for over 7,000 beaches, lakes, rivers, and swimming holes in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, and the Bahamas.

The app populates a list of your local swimming spots and lets you know if they're safe, when they were last checked for pollution, and other details about what you'll find at each of them.

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Every beach is marked with a green or red icon — green means it passed water quality tests and red means it failed.

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And if you're at the beach and notice pollution, you can use the app to report it.

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Additional beach descriptions give you info on amenities, lifeguards, where to park, and everything else you need to know to have an awesome day at the beach.

Download Swim Guide free for iOS and Android.

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