Funny Twitter Accounts All Parents Need to Follow


Most parents would probably agree that being a parent is the greatest gift they've ever been given. Guiding your children through life as they discover who they are is a beautiful, magical thing. But as wonderful as being a parent is, it also can suck. Because kids can sometimes be the worst.

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That's why Twitter exists — so other moms and dads just like you can help you realize that some of the situations you find yourself in as a parent are so ridiculous, they're hilarious. And you're definitely not alone in all the craziness.

Here are five of the funniest, most relatable Twitter accounts run by parents who write candidly hilarious musings about parenthood.


Amy Flory describes herself as the "World's Meanest Mom," or at least that's how her kids describe her. The funny mama was named one of Mashable's funniest moms on Twitter, and we definitely agree. Her tweets mainly focus on all the ridiculousness of parenthood.


Jenna McCarthy is an author and TED speaker. She sums herself up by writing, "People pay me to talk. My husband would pay me to shut up." As you can imagine, she's hilarious.


Dadpression (he doesn't list his real name) provides "parenting updates from the field." And his updates are so, so funny. He takes everyday parenting stuff and makes it hilarious.


Kelly Oxford is a NY Times bestselling author and an all-around hilarious Canadian mom living in Los Angeles. She's witty and very casual about her funniness, and that makes her even more hilarious. She tweets about her kids and points out the weird things in life. And, as it turns out, life is full of weird things.


Stephanie Ortiz has six kids, and they all give her great material to work with. Seriously, almost every one of her tweets will make you laugh. You know, if you're into funny.

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