Is It Too Early to Scour the Internet for Baby Halloween Costumes?

credit: Land of Nod

As a new mom, I've been loving every second of parenthood. OK, maybe not every second, but definitely most of the seconds. But the thing I've been looking forward to the most since I gave birth four months ago is finding the perfect Halloween costume for my daughter. Because babies plus costumes equals so much yes.

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In my extensive research, I found some of the most ridiculously cute costumes the internet has to offer. And I'm going to share my findings with you, because whether you have a baby to dress up or not, baby costumes soothe the soul.

This Lil' Piggy

I meaaaaan, is this real life? If you don't find this piggy costume adorable, I'll actually be worried about you.

credit: Target

Get it at Target for $20.49.

Sea Turtle

This adorable Anne Geddes costume is perfect for an infant who will probably sleep through the entire Halloween party. It's basically a bassinet and a costume all in one.

credit: Target

Available for $53.99 at Target.


Worms have never been cuter. This inchworm is perfect for cooler temperatures, and is so cozy, even the fussiest baby will likely not have a problem wearing it.

credit: Land of Nod

Sold by Land of Nod for $19.97.


Who says werewolves are scary?

credit: Walmart

Available at Walmart for $36.30.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

If you have twins, you're used to double the cuteness. But are you used to your cute babies dressed as Dr. Seuss' Thing 1 and Thing 2? My guess is no.

credit: Pottery Barn

Get them at Pottery Barn for $55.

French Fries and/or Ketchup

You'll literally want to eat your baby up in this french fries costume. If you have twins, throw in some ketchup you've created the perfect meal.

credit: Etsy

Buy it in TheCostumeCafe on Etsy for $60.


Speaking of the perfect meal, here's another one. A baby dressed as Ramen? Yes, please.

credit: Etsy

Available in the BuzzBearStudio on Etsy for $49.


Because astronauts are never not cool.


Get it at Chasing Fireflies for $25.97.


The only thing cuter than a puppy is a baby dressed as a puppy.

credit: Target

Available at Target for $22.99.


This unicorn costume isn't just cozy, it's magical. You know, because unicorns.

credit: Pottery Barn

Buy it at Pottery Barn for $69.

Happy really, really early Halloween, everyone!

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