Uber for Kids Is Now a Thing, and It's Safe

credit: Zūm

Imagine being able to open an app, request a ride for your kids, and trust that they'll be picked up from school and delivered safely to their after school activities. Not that you don't want to pick up your kids from school yourself and shuttle them to soccer practice, gymnastics, piano lessons, etc. etc., but life gets busy, and a little help goes a long way.

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Züm is a new safe and reliable car service that's basically Uber for kids ages five and up, except the drivers are all people with childcare experience — like nannies, nurses, and teachers.

Here's how it works

Book a ride by scheduling a one-time or recurring ride. It can be scheduled the day before or months in advance. You'll gain access to the driver's profile and picture at least 12 hours before the ride. From the app, you can track the ride and get notified when your Zūmer picks up and drops off your riders.

credit: Zūm

If you need more than just a ride for your kids, your Zūmer can stay with them at an activity or at home after the ride. Each time you request a ride, your driver is selected from the same pool of drivers. That way, the consistency allows you and your kids to get to know the drivers and feel comfortable with each of them.

credit: Züm

The startup already partners with over 800 schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and Orange County, with the goal of providing a better alternative to a school bus.

The company charges around $16 for a single ride and then $6 for every 15 minutes of care. Group rates are lower per child and there are also monthly plans. All payments are done through the app.

Sign up for Zūm here.

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