Donate Leftover Halloween Candy to One of These Organizations


Leftover Halloween candy is inevitable and wanting it out of your house is even more inevitable. Whether you want to get rid of the leftover candy you bought to pass out to trick-or-treaters, you want to teach your kids a lesson about paying it forward, or if you just don't want your kids chowing down on 10 pounds of candy, there are organizations that will take it off your hands.

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Operation Gratitude sends Halloween candy to deployed troops and first responders. Last year, the organization sent over 533,891 pounds of candy overseas. To donate your candy, fill out the product donation form here, or search for a participating Halloween Candy Give-Back location near you here. They suggest calling ahead of time to confirm participation, dates, and available hours before taking your donation.

Halloween Candy Buy Back also supports the troops and veterans, but it does so by partnering with dentists' offices and other businesses that will "buy back" your candy. They usually offer money, toothbrushes, sugar-free candy, or other items. Click here to find a local Buy Back location.

Here's a look at how the Buy Back program got started:

Of course, you may want to involve your kids in the candy giveaway process—unless you want to Jimmy Kimmel them. And hey, if you decide to keep a few pieces for a rainy day, no one will judge you.

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