Today Is National Cookie Day, so You Should Obviously Order Cookies

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It's the holiday season, but you probably didn't realize that one very important holiday is happening as you read this. Yep, today is National Cookie Day. What better way to celebrate than by eating cookies upon cookies upon cookies?

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If you aren't able to get to the grocery store to get all the ingredients to make homemade cookies (or if you just don't feel like it), there are bakeries that will deliver cookies directly to your home. Because of course there are.

Check out these bakeries that'll send freshly baked cookies straight from their ovens to your mouth. All you have to do is order and supply the milk.

Milk Jar cookies

A Los Angeles local spot that delivers nationwide, Milk Jar bakes ridiculously delicious cookies. Order as little as a half dozen for $15 or as many as four dozen for $120. Create a custom box or let Milk Jar do the choosing for you. You can even order gluten free cookies and have them delivered the same day. Mouth. Watering.

Cookies by Design


The cookies sold by Cookies by Design are tasty (duh, all cookies are tasty), but they're more about design than taste. Choose from tons of different shapes, colors, and designs. Order just one or as many as you'd like, and they can be delivered the same day. Prices start at $11 (but that's for just one cookie).


credit: Goldbely

It's pretty hard to screw up a cookie, but it's just as hard to make the world's greatest cookie. Goldbely gathers all the best bakeries and all the best cookies in one spot. Browse through dozens of bakeries and their selections and choose your favorite. From classic flavors to cookies made to look like Beyoncé, Drake, or Donald Trump—you're sure to find something you'll love. All the bakeries ship nationwide and prices vary.

Harry & David


Treat yo self to some fancy and delicious cookies from Harry & David. Because, why not? It's a national holiday, after all. Select your pick from various basket options. The prices range from $19.99 to $129.99. But for $129.99, you must be very serious about cookies—and that's respectable.

Mrs. Fields

credit: Mrs. Fields

Chances are, you've had your fair share of Mrs. Fields cookies in your local mall. Well, now they deliver. Yes, that includes their famous big cookie cake. Check out the online catalog for a huge selection of yummy cookies. And for the record, there's nothing wrong with sending yourself a "Great Job" cookie for absolutely no reason at all.

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