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Planning a birthday party for your kid can be fun and exciting, but it's also a helluva lot of work. Of course, the internet makes things more efficient than actually physically going into 25 stores. But even then, it can be overwhelming.

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To make things easier, there's one website that has an impressive array of party supplies for every occasion. Oriental Trading has decorations, tableware, party favors, novelty wear, and theme party gear for birthdays, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, graduation, prom, carnivals, religious celebrations, holidays, office parties, and awareness decor. Just to name a few.


The site also has an entire section dedicated to teaching supplies, including classroom and student supplies, STEM activities, stationery, teacher resources, classroom celebrations, and curriculum activities.


Oriental Trading isn't new, and you've probably either ordered from it in the past or have come across it in your party planning searches, so this is just a friendly reminder that it's awesome and can make your like so much easier.

Plus, everything is relatively inexpensive and you can buy in bulk. Because why buy one Glitter Sticky Hand when you can buy 72?

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