20 Tech Skills that Can Help You (Or Your Kids) Land a Dream Job

Chances are, you spend a lot of time online. And we don't blame you—the internet is a great place to hang out. If anyone has ever told you that you spend too much time on the internet or playing around with tech, here's what you should do: high five them. Because as it turns out, being tech savvy could land you your dream job.

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And if its your kids who are spending too much time on their computers, you may not want to hear this, but it could benefit them as well. Their brains are little sponges, and the more time they spend with evolving technology, the more skills they attain to one day run the world--or at least to land lucrative tech jobs.

Tech skills will spell success

Being tech savvy is a relatively new skill set that's in high demand in the job market.

New data from Upwork, a website that matches freelancers with employers, reveals demand for highly experienced, tech savvy people. For example, coders who can help machines communicate with people are in high demand.

And the demand for software engineers who program computers to understand languages is growing faster than workers with any other skill. The unique skill set is called natural language processing, and it's what powers voice-activated virtual assistants like Apple's Siri and Amazon's Echo devices.

Pretty cool, right?

According to a Bloomberg report on the Upwork data, freelancers who are proficient in natural language processing earned an average hourly rate of $123 per hour, and the total amount that they billed increased by 2,300 per cent last quarter from a year earlier.

"The nascent boom in these jobs also foreshadows the employment that advances in artificial intelligence could create, even while they replace other human tasks," Bloomberg reports.

So while we recently outlined the top careers to steer your kids towards, today we're focusing specifically on the skills you and your kids should embrace for a lucrative and rewarding job future.

Here are the 20 fastest-growing skills online:

Natural language processing. This is a field of computer science that's all about the interaction between humans and computers using speech.

Swift. Swift is a programming language for Apple products, including the Mac, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

Tableau. Companies are desperate for people with expertise in Tableau, a business intelligence tool that reports on web site analytics.

Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS). MWS is a set of technologies that enable automation in online sales.

Stripe. There's a lot of attention on e-commerce, and Stripe is a technology that enables online payment systems for businesses both big and very small.

Instagram marketing. You already post to Instagram, so why not learn how to become a social marketer using the popular site?

MySQL programming. Developers with knowledge of MySQL--an open source relational database--are in high demand.

Unbounce. This is an online content marketing tool used to build campaigns and drive traffic.

Social media management. One of the hottest careers in "new media," this career field is all about creating and executing the social media strategy--on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more--for a business.

AngularJS. AngularJS is a specialized domain for developers; it's a technology for creating web apps.

Business consulting. This catch-all title covers a range of professionals--usually freelancers--who work with businesses to assess their strengths and weaknesses and help them achieve their goals.

Machine learning. A rapidly growing part of computer programming, machine learning is all about using algorithms that enable computers to solve problems on their own, without being given explicit instructions for doing so.

Brand strategy. Brand strategy is an aspect of marketing that's concerned with executing log-term plans to help a company achieve it's goals.

Information security. A critical field in the modern world, information security is concerned with protecting computer systems and data against hackers, criminals, and unauthorized users.

R development. It's more than a letter of the alphabet -- R) is an open source programming language used most commonly by scientists and mathematicians.

Node.js development. Programmers know that Node.js is an in-demand skill set; it's a technology that lets developers create, among other things, real-time web apps using Javascript.

3D rendering. Anyone who goes to the theater has experienced the result of 3D rendering, a branch of graphic design that creates realistic images from virtual 3 models.

User experience design. This is the field in which design professionals help increase the usability of software by creating clean and logical interfaces. It's an essential part of the software design process.

Bluetooth. Bluetooth is in virtually everything we use every day--phones, tablets, printers, smart home gadgets, headphones, cars, and more. Developers with the ability create Bluetooth devices and applications are in demand.

Zendesk customer support. When you have a problem with a product or company, you contact their customer service. And those people are probably using a tool called Zendesk to manage the customer service experience.

So before you start nagging your kids to lay off the technology, keep these jobs and their earning power in mind!

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