15 Gifts for Men Who Still Play with Toys

We all have at least one man-child in our lives, right? You know what I'm talking about--grown men that still love to play with toys. Not that there's anything wrong with that. We all need to let off some steam every now and then, and what better way to do that then to break out your favorite toy?

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And really, those guys are the most fun to buy for. It's not that often we get to shop for RC cars and other grown-up toys. Here are our top picks for the best gifts for men who still love to play with toys.


The only thing better than a drone is a drone that looks like a bird. With this winged drone, he'll be able to really sneak up on his prey.


The super fast charge takes just 12 minutes when the Bionic Bird ($100) is perched on his portable egg, and the egg holds about complete 12 charges, so he can play all day without having to come home to plug in. There's no need for a remote control—this winged drone is controlled through an app on your smartphone.


Give him the gift of virtual reality and he'll be able to go anywhere his heart desires.

The Daydream View virtual reality headset ($79) connects to your phone through the Daydream app, letting you visit exotic locations, immerse yourself in games, and experince your favorite TV shows, movies and concerts like you were really a part of them.


The 360-degree panaromic view means there's no almost end to what you can see, and the fabric cover is comfortable, and stops you from covering the device in sweat — which is exactly what happens with lots of other virtual reality headsets. It fits over glasses, and wipes clean to make it perfectly shareable (as if you would want to).


Help him get in touch with his inner spy kid by gifting him this pair of binoculars ($159) that work both day and night.


During the day, these work like normal binoculars—they're great for bird watching or sporting events. At night, just flip a switch and a wide-angle green laser illuminates anything up to 150 yard away. The offer a sharp, close-up view and 8X magnification, with or without the laser.


Who needs a skateboard? Not the guy who gets this boardless version for Christmas!

This boardless skateboard ($100) may look tricky, but it's actually pretty simple to operate. There's no athletic ability required (which is a good thing for many dads out there). Simply place your feet into the two rolling units, and the wheels rotate sideways to roll you along. You don't even have to push off to get started.


There aren't any batteries required and no motors to charge, so this is a pretty low-maintenance (and super fun) toy. And just in case he's a little bit chicken when it's time to try it out, it does come with an attachment band to keep the two units close together (like training wheels) while he figures it out.


Great Scott! Any man who gets giddy over a good toy is going to go nuts when he opens this Flux Capicitor USB Car Charger ($25).


Once he gets over the fact that this flashing device has basically turned his hopelessly modern ride into a DeLorean, he'll be just as impressed by what it can do. Two USB ports means it can charge up to two devices at the same time. I mean, that's not time travel, but it's pretty important these days, right?


We're guessing this guy has created a paper airplane or two in his life, but he'll never have to go that low-tech to have fun again if you grab him one of these for Christmas.


First, he's going to have use his paper-folding skills to create the plane of his choice. After attaching all the necessary pieces, just connect to the app and he'll be ready to fly this paper plane ($50) via Bluetooth with his smartphone and an app. The front and back ends are crash-proof (or at least a lot more crash-proof than the actual paper versions you used to make), and gets a range of up to 180-feet. Not too bad!

Ten minutes of flying time means it can get pretty far on a single charge, so get ready for him to start roaming the neighborhood on the regular.


If the man in your life is a geeky video game nerd, this subscription box service is probably the stuff his dreams are made of.


For one flat price of $80, he'll get a welcome box, plus a new box every month for the next three months, and each box has a minumum value of $50, so it's kind of a steal.

In every Geek Fuel Mega Pack, he'll receive an exclusive-to-the-box t-shirt, a downloadable full video game, and 5-8 miscellaneous geek-related items like comic books, action figures, toys, collectibles and more.


It's always a party when this amazing speaker is around. The wireless plasma Buletooth speaker ($50), connects to any iOS or Android device via Bluetooth or auxilliary line, and puts on an electrifying light show in time with the music.


It also has a spot for a micro SD memory card, so it can play hours of music without being connected at all. And even better, it doesn't even need music — this speaker can create it's own light party without any sound at all.


Of course he wishes he was in a rock band—what guy doesn't?

This electronic roll-up drum kit ($100) is a perfect gift for so many reasons. First of all, it rolls up, so there's no massive drum set permanently taking up precious real estate in your living room. There's no need to hook up to giant speakers because they're built right in, and best of all...wait for it....there's a headphone jack so he can keep his awesome beats all to himself.


It also comes with a built-in metronome to let him learn as he plays, multi-functional jacks so he can charge and plug into a smarthphone, computer or tablet at the same time, and pedal functions to make the whole thing feel even more real.


He'll be the coolest (big) kid on the block when he decks his bike out with the Revolights 360 kit. ($199).

The kit comes with four USB-rechargeable battery-powered, lighted LED rings (two for each tire). Each wheel is complete with 24 lights, eight of which are lit at a time. No extra cables or spokes means the setup is virtually undetectable when it's not turned on, and gives his bike the clean look he loves.


The same kit also comes with a headlight and tailight, meaning not only will he look as cool as possibe when he rides the streets at night — he'll be much safer. All that gear means he'll be able to see what's around him, and no one is going to miss him, that's for sure.


He'll never play a normal game of chess again once he's played on this LED light-up board ($80).


The pieces don't need batteries—they light up automatically when they're on or near the board, which can be powered by an adapter or 4 AA batteries. Turn the lights off—it's time for a chess match like never before.


Even low-tech toys can be packed with geeky fun, and the Smartphone Projector 2.0 ($28) proves that for sure.


This nifty little cardboard box does a big job, projecting video, photos, texts, and anything else on your phone onto a wall or screen (or makeshift bedsheet) with 8X magnification. The glass lens magnifies with no need for a power source, so as long as the phone is charged up, he'll be good to go.


Every tech-loving man needs his own personalized robot, and this R2-D2 Robotic Droid ($150) will fill that void—and help him get his Star Wars fix at the same time.


He can control him with any of the pre-programed commands, or use the 10-button remote control to program more than 1,000 of his own commands. And this guy really comes to life! He can move in all directions, and his head swivels when he makes sounds effects. Plus, R2-D2 is voice-activated, so all is not lost when that remote finally runs out of batteries.


There's no shortage of awesome subscription services this year, and LootCrate is not to be forgotten. For just $14 each month (plus shipping and handling), your man will get apparel and other exclusive items—all related to the hottest movies, TV shows and video games of the moment.


If you want to up your gifting game even more, upgrade his box to one of the special themes, ranging from gaming to anime, pets and more.


There may be no better gift this year than an RC that literally drives up the wall. This Wall-Climbing RC ($50) car is fast and exotic-looking, but nothing can prepare him for what it will do.


A tiny vaccuum under the car lets it not only drive across the ground, but also up the walls and even across the ceiling — and best of all, it won't leave any damage in it's tracks.

The remote control has a 45-foot range, and the car can go farward, backward, left, right and even spin.

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