How to Get Around Blocked Sites

By Chad Buleen

Just because a website is blocked does not necessarily mean the website is offensive. There are many instances when a web filter will block a website because the filter believes the site is something it really isn't. Other times, sites like Facebook or other social media sites are blocked, even though there is nothing inherently offensive about them. You can use one of dozens of proxy servers to mask the website you want to visit and get around blocked sites.

Step 1

Open your web browser by double-clicking the browser icon on your desktop.

Step 2

Navigate to a proxy website, for example, Anonymouse, Alien Proxy or Proxify (see Resources).

Step 3

Type the URL for the blocked page you want to visit. For example, if Facebook is blocked, type "" in the URL field that is embedded somewhere on the page.

Step 4

Hit "Enter." The web browser will now open the blocked site.