How to Remove a Zeus Trojan

By Thomas King

Zeus is a malicious program that affects the Windows operating system. Fortunately, as far as trojans go, Zeus is relatively harmless and relatively easy to remove. Zeus changes non-essential settings, such as font size and desktop color schemes. You may be able to remove Zeus by running an up-to-date antivirus program. However, if you do not have such a program or are not connected to the Internet, you can still remove Zeus manually.

Step 1

Press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "Escape" to open the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager.

Step 2

Right-click "088709.exe" and select "End Process." Note that there may be two instances of this process running, and thus you should end both.

Step 3

Close the Windows Task Manager.

Step 4

Click "Start" and type "088709.exe" into the search field. Right-click "088709.exe" when it appears in the results list and select "Delete."

Step 5

Restart your computer. Zeus is removed.