How to Use an eWallet

By Techwalla Internet Editor

An eWallet is a helpful tool for those Web crawlers that like to purchase all they want online without being slowed down.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer Mice
  • Internet Access
  • Credit Cards
  • Web Browsers

Step 1

Go to a search engine and search for "eWallet." Download the eWallet software from the provider that you choose.

Step 2

Install the eWallet. Instructions for installation may vary from vendor to vendor. Most vendors have step-by-step instructions for installation and configuration.

Step 3

Enter your personal information: your name, billing address, shipping address and so on. This is the basic information that will be used for online shopping. Make sure to complete all of the required fields for the eWallet that you choose.

Step 4

Enter your payment information. This will usually consist of the credit card information of the credit cards that you intend to use for online shopping. Even after you have added a credit card to the eWallet, you can modify the information or delete it.

Step 5

Use the eWallet. If it is set up properly, you should be able to use the eWallet on Web sites that are eWallet-enabled, such as eHow. When you are presented with the form for your information on such Web sites, you can simply use your mouse to "drag and drop" the information from one of your credit cards in the eWallet to the form on the screen. The information in your eWallet will be automatically transferred to the order form.

Tips & Warnings

  • The "drag and drop" action consists of clicking on a credit card in your eWallet, holding the mouse button down, moving your mouse cursor to the appropriate area on the form and releasing the mouse button.
  • For Web sites that are not eWallet-enabled, you can still use the eWallet to drag and drop the information in piece by piece. For example, you can drag your credit card number on your eWallet and drop it directly into the HTML input field, which accepts this information.
  • Some eWallets may not support the "drag and drop" feature, but the same function can usually be accomplished by clicking a button on the eWallet.