Gadget Gifts for the Tech-Averse Guy You Know

Searching for a gift for a grumpy stick-in-the-mud who doesn't like new-fangled gizmodetry? Looking for a fun gift break him out of his Luddite compound? This list can help; it plays on the traditional gifts he expects, but with a high-tech twist. Gently guide him in the right direction--toward the 21st century.


A Traditional Watchface With Tech Smarts

A smart watch is a great place to start. Even the most old-fashioned guy is already conditioned to assoicate watches with technology thanks to a century of marketing for Swiss watchworks, aviation watches, and calculator watches. (And if he's still wearing one from Pulsar, stop everything and call your financial adviser. You just struck gold.)


But don't go full bore just yet with something like an Apple Watch. This is a process. What you want to do is to find a traditional-looking watch that also happens to be smart. In this category, there are many brands to choose from, including Movado, Fossil, Withings and Garmin.

Smart Tools for the Handy Joe

Tools: The perfect gift for almost any guy.

And it turns out that tools are an excellent way to introduce tech to your guy. Just like with the watch, you have some background to work with; a handy guy likely has a pair of digital calipers lying around. And increasingly over the last few years, tech has crept into all sorts of tools that you'll find at the local Home Depot.


Take DeWalt, for example. This company has introduced smart-connected tools that tell you the state of your battery, let you create a virtual fence, and even tell you where your tool was last located. That third feature might really win him over if he has a habit of misplacing his things.

It's a Razor With a Laser

Does your fuddy duddy have facial hair? Well, he probably likes to keep a tidy beard. (After all, it speaks to his rigid personality.)


The Philips Norelco beardtrimmer series 9000 is a beardtrimmer with a--wait for it--laser guide built in to keep those lines perfect. A laser guide on a beard trimmer? There's no guyy alive who won't think that's a neat bit of tech for a neat beard. Here's a video touting its features in Dutch. It's 100% waterdicht voor eenvoudig schoonmaken, which is self-explanatory.

Help Him Beat His Friends at Golf

When it comes to golf, even the least techy guy turns into Bill Gates. Since 1655, every golfer in history has been looking for an edge. That's why golf clubs are constantly evolving. Now you can give him an edge with golf shoes, too.


Iofit has created a smart golf shoe that measures degree shifts in a wearer's center of gravity and collects balance data. It's already been named an innovation award honoree at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show which will take place in January 2017.

If you think he'll be intrigued, make sure that you preorder now, before his golf buddies find out and get theirs so that he loses his edge. Who knows? Golf might be the key to get him to trade in his flip phone.

A Gift That Mows His Lawn

Every guy mows the lawn, but that doesn't mean it's a chore he actually relishes. He might be a traditional guy, but he'll welcome any innovation that gets him off the hook from this chore.


And like robot vacuuum cleaners, robotic lawn mowers are gradually making their way into our lives. There's the Robomow RS612 for $1,900, the Worx Landroid M for $1,000 and the Automower series from Husqvarna which range in price from $2,000 to $3,500. On second thought, you might actually need to be Bill Gates to get one of these.

Or Just Give Up and Get Him a Tie

If you don't think any of the above will work, or they're too big a step, there's always old reliable: The tie. But at least make it a technology themed tie. Zazzle has a whole bunch to choose from.


Maybe get a tie with a picture of Nikola Tesla, or I Won't Be Impressed by Technology.. .Until stamped on it. Don't be disheartened. There's always next year.

Credits: Withings, DeWalt, Iofit, Philips, Husqvarna, Zazzle