The 21 Geekiest Gifts for Your Grade Schoolers (under $30)


The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and we don't have unlimited funds to spend on drones, iPads, cameras, and Corevttes. So if your kids love techy things and adore geeky stuff, then these affordable gifts are sure to please.

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1. Star Wars Portable Charger

Kids are using cell phones, tablets, and other entertainment devices on the regular these days. Why not get them a portable charger? Better yet, get them a freakin' Star Wars Stormtrooper charger?

Star Wars Portable Charger

Yes, it exists, and yes, it's awesome. If you care about the details, it delivers about 3 hours of runtime to a phone via a pair of AA batteries. (ThinkGeek, $10)

2. Pokémon Headphones


Pokémon is all the rage these days, right? But really, it's been all the rage for a couple decades now, and that's not changing any time soon. For your pint-sized Pikachu fan, go all in with these super cute Pokémon headphones. (ThinkGeek, $30)

3. Doctor Who Mouse Pad


If your kiddo is a Whovian, then pick a Doctor Who mouse pad--we found oh so many so choose from on Amazon, and they're all about $10 or less. (Amazon, prices vary)



Speaking of Doctor Who... This four-port USB hub will keep all her devices charged up, and she can hear the engine firing up when she plugs something in. (ThinkGeek, $15)

5. Flux Capacitor Car Charger


If you're out and about and your kids' devices are running dry, never fear—Doc Brown and his flux capacitor car charger have got them covered. (ThinkGeek, $25)

6. Gamer Computer Decal


If your kids love video games, they'll probably go wild over this to-the-point decal they can attach to whatever they please. It's also nice that they're removable, so they won't permanently mar their MacBook (but do note they're not reusable once removed). (Etsy, $3 and up)

7. Classic NES Controller Journal


This super-sized classic NES controller is really not a controller at all — it's a journal that comes complete with 120 pages for your child's doodling fun. (ThinkGeek, $25)

8. Adventure Time Wall Decals


Who says your kids' tech gets all the fun? These peel-n-stick wall decals can help create a pretty rockin' homework space. (Amazon, $10)

9. Minecraft Flashlight


It's not just kids that are addicted to Minecraft; many grown up kids are as well. If you know someone who's always running away from Creepers, they'll really dig this real-life light-up torch modeled after those in the game. (ThinkGeek, $25)

10. BB-8 Coin Bank


Don't worry, little Padawan. This BB-8 coin bank will keep all your loose change in one place for you. (Amazon, $10)

11. Weeping Angel Night Light


Don't blink. Don't even blink. If your child isn't terrified of the weeping angels, get him one to watch over him as he sleeps because these are really cool (again, for Doctor Who fans). (Amazon, $20)

12. Chewbacca Bluetooth Speaker


Let your kids listen to their tunes on their brand new Chewbacca bluetooth speaker. Everything sounds better out of a Wookie, anyway. (ThinkGeek, $30)

13. Darth Vader Pen Holder


Fit out your kiddo's desk space even further with a nice Sith lord to keep watch as homework commences. The bonus here is that ol' Vader actually has a pen, making homework fun again. (ThinkGeek, $15)

14. Super Mario Brothers Wall Calendar


Even the youngest grade schooler will love being able to count down to her birthday, the next holiday, and the last day of school. Make it even cooler with a Super Mario wall calendar. (Amazon, $10)

15. River Song's Journal


Fans of Doctor Who know that River Song's well-worn journal holds clues to the Doctor's future. Now your child can add his future as well with this replica notebook. (ThinkGeek, $11)

16. Harry Potter House Watch


Once your child gets sorted, make sure you get him or her a house watch to match. (ThinkGeek, $25)

17. Harry Potter Horcrux Bookmarks


Keep your kiddo reading with this set of all seven horcrux bookmarks from the Harry Potter series. (ThinkGeek, $30)

18. Super Hero Wall Light


Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and more are the choices you'll have when picking out a pretty dang unique wall light for your child. Hulk smash! (ThinkGeek, $30)

19. Pokémon Ear Buds


For kids who prefer the ear bud style, well, there's Pokémon for that, too. (ThinkGeek, $20)

20. Marvel Auto Coasters


If we know kids, we know that they can be a litte... well... messy. These sweet auto coasters will help keep the bottom of your car cup holders (that your kids use) clean. (ThinkGeek, $10)

21. Slap Watch


Remember slap bracelets? Well, these slap watches are just as cool, but really, they're way cooler. This building blocks one is awesome, but they have a whole line of different styles to choose from. (Amazon, $21).

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