In-home Massage Apps You Deserve to Know About

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The only thing better than going to a spa to get a massage is when the massage therapist comes to your home to give you a massage. Did you know there are apps dedicated to finding you an amazing therapist who makes house calls? You don't even need to leave the house to get all your knots worked out by a professional.

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If you're into massages but can't ever seem to find the time to go get one, we've rounded up some apps that are sure to deliver. Literally. They'll deliver a massage therapist directly to you.


Through the Soothe app, you can book a massage up to one hour before the scheduled time. Soothe has five-star massage therapists available seven days a week from 8:00 am to midnight.

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Choose between Swedish, deep tissue, sports, pre-natal and a couples massage. Prices start at $99, and of course go up from there depending on what you want. Download on iOS and Android.


No matter what your injury, pain level or reason for wanting a massage, Zeel guarantees a relaxing five-star spa-quality experience in the comfort and convenience of your home. Sounds pretty great, right?

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Your options are: a relaxing Swedish massage, invigorating deep tissue or trigger point massage, restorative sports massage, healthy prenatal massage or a cozy couples massage. Available for iOS and Android.


Melt? Don't mind if we do. Available to people in the greater Los Angeles area, Chicago, Tampa Bay area, San Francisco and Cape Cod. Melt is perfect for relaxation, stress relief and pain relief.

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Starting at $95, choose between a female or male therapist if you have a preference. Also choose between a 60, 90 or 120 minute massage. The company is working on the app, but in the meantime, visit the website to book.

Urban Massage

If you find yourself in London, desperately needing a massage, Urban Massage has your back. Surprise someone you love with a massage or book one for yourself. Prices are £65 ($81) for 60 minutes, £75 ($93) for 90 minutes and £95 ($118) for two hours.


The prices are pretty good, but of course you'll need to be in London. Get the app on iOS and Android.

Refresh Body

The Refresh Body app does exactly what it says it'll do — it refreshes your body. Choose the type of massage you want, or choose between other wellness services like in-home pilates and yoga.

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Pick the style, duration, time and practitioner. They'll even come to your corporate events. Massage at work? Yes, please. Available for iOS and Android.

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