If You Love Snapchat, You'll Be Obsessed With Snow

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More and more Snapchat clones keep emerging from somewhere deep within internetland. But there's one in particular that is so incredibly fun and addicting, you'll be happy we told you about. Maybe.

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Snow is a Korean Snapchat-like app (created by Korean company Naver, the developer behind LINE messenger) that will up your selfie game in a major way. Obviously the greatest feature on Snapchat is its filters — shallow, but true. Snow copies Snapchat's filters in every way possible, but has added SO many of its own wacky filters to make selfie taking that much more thrilling.

Here are the notable Snow features

Aside from some pretty incredible filters, Snow offers a GIF maker (which is similar to Instagram's Boomerang), 72-hour stories (much longer than Snapchat's 24-hour stories) and messages that save for 24 hours.

Snow launched back in December of 2016, and is already super popular in Asia — but that could be because Snapchat isn't available there. Or it could be because Snow is awesome — which you'll realize once you try it out.

You can use Snow as a social media service, which really would only make sense if your friends also use the app. But since Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. allow users to post photos from the camera roll, Snow is a great tool to take your selfies to the next level and share them with the world. No matter how weird they are.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

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Exhibit C:

credit: Jill Layton / Snow

This is how Snow developers intended the app to be used:

Download Snow for free on iOS and Android.

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