Find the Best Podcasts for Kids Using This App


Adults aren't the only ones who enjoy listening to podcasts — kids do too. There are lots of fun and interesting podcasts for kids floating around internetland, but it isn't always easy finding ones with high quality audio that are actually suitable for kids.

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Kids Listen is a web app that makes it really easy to find quality podcasts for kids. The app creates playlists based on what you're kids are into. Whether they want to hear about cool people, use their imagination, listen to books, or explore their curiosity about science and the world, they're sure to find something that grabs their attention.

credit: Kids Listen

Kids Listen currently has 28 podcasts, but will be adding more soon. Since the content is limited to Kids Listen shows, you won't need to screen any podcasts ahead of time to make sure they're appropriate. Which, let's be honest, is a huge bonus.

As of now, it's just a web app, but an iOS app is coming soon.

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