There's Now a Pikachu Lens on Snapchat

credit: Pokemon

Attention all Pokémon fans: You can now transform into the most recognizable Pokémon character — virtually, that is. Snapchat has released a Pikachu lens, and it's just as adorable you'd imagine it to be.

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For a limited time only, as a Snapchat user, you can see what you'd look like as Pikachu by adding pointy ears, a triangle nose, and rosy red cheeks to your face, according to the Pokémon website. You can even invite Pikachu to join your selfie by simply opening your mouth. If your sound is turned on, you'll hear Pikachu's voice as he jumps into the screen.

People are super pumped about the new lens, rightfully so, and have been posting their selfies on Twitter in response to Pokémon's official‏ announcement.

You may want to take all the selfies you can with Pikachu now, because as many of the great Snapchat lenses before it, it'll only be around for a short time.

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