RIP AOL Instant Messenger

credit: AOL

This might be hard for some of you to read, but you've had some time to prepare. After 20 years, AOL Instant Messenger is finally coming to an end. So, if you're still using AIM to chat with your friends and put up passive aggressive away messages, it's time to find an alternative chat service (or, you know, just send a text). As beloved as AIM once was (or still is to some), it's time to let it go.

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The AOL parents company Oath will be discontinuing support of the service on December 15th, as noted in an email from AOL.

It is indeed the end of an era. But if you use an email address, you'll still be able to send and receive mail as usual, so AIM isn't completely disowning you.

So long, old friend. We will always hold you near and dear to our '90s hearts.

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