Here's How to Boo Your Neighbors for Some Added Halloween Fun

Jack-O'-Lantern On A Doorstep
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The weeks leading up to Halloween are almost as fun as the actual day of Halloween. There are spooky decorations, costume parties, pumpkin patches, and a plethora of candy corn and chocolate.

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But there's a way to make these next couple of weeks even more Halloween-y. Boo your neighbors! If you've never heard of booing, you haven't experienced the full potential of Halloween.

Here's what it isn't: Chanting "boooo" at your neighbors as you walk past their homes with your thumbs down. You'd probably make a few enemies that way.

Here's what it is: Booing, as it relates to Halloween, is a fun and positive gift giving experience. The rules are similar to a chain letter. To boo someone, you sneak onto their doorstep at night and leave a bucket of Halloween tricks and treats for them to find the next morning. Include a "You've been Booed" sign in the bucket for them to place on their door so they don't get booed again. (You can find tons of signs on Pinterest.)

It'll look something like this:

credit: Been Booed

Once a house has been booed, they'll do the same to two more houses. So, eventually, every house in your neighborhood will receive a bucket of goodies.

And yes, it's legal to regift some of the treats you probably won't eat. Because do you really need a three pound gummy brain? Probably not.

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