Disney Is Helping People Who Are Blind Experience Fireworks


Disney's fireworks display adds to the overall magic felt at Disney parks. But not everyone gets to experience the spectacular display of lights, because not everyone can see.

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Disney Research has created the Feeling Fireworks project, a tactile fireworks show that exists to make fireworks more inclusive for people who are blind or have low or limited vision. Users will be able to experience Disney's magical show by placing their hands against a screen and actually feeling the fireworks (but without all the fire).

According to Disney, "Tactile effects are created using directable water jets that spray onto the rear of a flexible screen, with different nozzles for different firework effects."

Rear-mounted Kinect renders movements across a latex screen. Different nozzles produce different firework effects: jet nozzles create rockets and explosions, a shower nozzle makes crackle effects, and another nozzle produces a blooming flower firework effect.

Here's how it works:

The technology is currently in the demo phase.

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