HQ Trivia Is Finally Coming to Android

credit: HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is an insanely popular game show app from the founders of Vine. It launched in October and manages to pull in hundreds of thousands of people during each of its two live daily shows, which happen at 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. EST. The audience keeps growing and growing, because people apparently love testing their knowledge of random facts, but they also really love money.

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During each of the shows, host Scott Rogowsky (who is now a minor celebrity) gives away up to $8,500. To win, you just need to answer 12 multiple choice trivia questions correctly in 10 seconds and part of the jackpot is yours—usually around $1,000 per game, which is then split between all the winners. Sounds easy, right? Nope. It's insanely hard, which is why most of the 300,000 participants are eliminated by round 7 or 8. Don't even try Googling the answers—you won't have enough time.

The app is only available for iOS, but that's about to change. HQ Trivia tweeted that it's finally coming to Android.

While this is great news for Android users, it's likely only going to make the HQ trivia lag even worse (yep, there's a lag). But since the popularity of the app keeps growing and growing, and since HQ is fully aware of the lag, chances are the it'll soon be fixed.

No word on when the app will make it to Android, but based on the tweet, it'll likely show up by Christmas. In the meantime, download for iOS here.

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