Netflix Is Introducing Vertical Mobile Previews


Netflix is bringing short previews of movies and TV shows to its mobile app, making it way easier to find something new to watch.

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Facebook and Snapchat have already gone vertical for their TV and movie trailers, and now Netflix is jumping on that bandwagon. Among the personalized recommendations the app provides (which are now listed under a section called "Scoops"), users can simply tap on a title to watch the trailer, which will fill the vertical smartphone screen.

From there, you can swipe right or left to see more trailers. Within the screen, you have the option to press play to watch the full movie or series, add the title to your List, and find out more information.

Here's a preview of what to expect:

The previews are only 30 seconds long, and Netflix plans to launch clips for "many hundreds of titles," including Netflix originals and licensed content.

The full length programs will remain horizontal, as that seems to be better for extended viewing. But for quick snippets of previews, watching them vertically with the ability to swipe really does make things easier.

Netflix says the vertical mobile previews will begin rolling out in April starting with iOS devices, then moving onto Android. But it already exists on my iPhone. So, you may want to check your app now to see if it's already a thing.

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