Apple TV Won't Connect to My Wireless Network

By Greyson Ferguson

Apple TV is a small device that connects directly to your home television system. With an Internet connection, the Apple TV streams movies and television content to the TV. Although you are able to use an Ethernet-based Internet connection, you might find using a wireless network is easier and more convenient. If the Apple TV is not connecting to the Wi-Fi network, you need to troubleshoot the situation to determine what is causing the problem.

Step 1

Check the wireless router to make sure it is on.

Step 2

Power on the Apple TV and the connected television. Select your home wireless network when the programming loads, enter the correct password.

Step 3

Move the Apple TV closer to the Internet router. It is possible the Apple TV is just out of range from the wireless-network source.

Step 4

Power down the wireless router, then turn it back on. If the wireless router is not detected initially, restarting the device might correct the problem.