Are Vizio TVs Any Good?

Vizio claims to be America's fastest-growing HDTV and consumer electronics company. The company's slogan is "where vision meets value." Vizio's products provide features and high quality products at a value. Their sales growth has shown the strength and success of the company. However, are the TVs any good? Obviously, consumer electronics have performance levels you can evaluate, but cost affordability and consumer preferences are a matter for an individual to decide.

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Vizio Branding

Vizio has set a goal to provide the consumer with a high-quality product at a value and seems to have accomplished this. The company offers feature-rich televisions at a competitive cost. Sales have been high over the last few years.

Picture Quality

When you compare a Vizio TV, side by side, with other name brands like Sony and Samsung, you can tell the difference. The latest Samsung models have a deeper and richer picture, especially noticeable when watching sporting events. That doesn't mean that the Vizio picture quality is poor, it's just that Samsung's technology offers a little better picture quality for a higher price. One factor to note is that when you view a Vizio TV from the side or above or below a direct sight line, the quality of the picture diminishes noticeably.

Technical Specifications

Vizio offers comparable technical specifications to other brands. The refresh rate, pixels, colors, sound, component inputs and size of the TVs are all comparable to its competitors. There were a few negative reviews on consumer opinion websites about Vizio (see link in Resources). One complaint involved the location of the component inputs and their readability. Another complaint involved the menus. One consumer felt the menus involved too much scrolling to get to the desired feature. Reviewing the customer review websites will give you both the positive and the negative features of the Vizio products.


Vizio has branded its product as a value. Their prices are competitive and may offer more value than any other TV on the market.

Technical Support

Vizio offers toll-free 24-hour phone customer service support. They also have extensive online support (see links in Resources).


Vizio backs all its TVs with a 1-year warranty and an extended warranty can be directly purchased from the company.

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